Home School Books

Today we shared our Home School Books with each other. It is so lovely to see the work the children do in their own books. I am always delighted to see a drawing, some writing or photographs.  Keep up the hard work boys and girls, I can’t wait to see what you do in your books next week.  Don’t forget to complete a Magic Moment for special achievements at home or in hobbies, such as swimming, riding a bike, football, rugby, ballet or gymnastics. 

Our First PE Lesson!

Today was our first PE lesson. Mrs Simmons and I were so proud of the children. They tried extremely hard to undress and dress themselves. They then demonstrated fantastic listening skills by following all the instructions to walk, jog, jump, hop and gallop. They were super at stopping and starting; they were so amazing we even played Hedgehogs and Lampposts. Well done everyone! 

Our Year 6 Buddies 

Today we met our very own Year 6 buddy. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and playing with them in the classroom. Our Year 6 buddy  will help us every lunchtime to carry our trays, cut up our food and support us. Our buddy will also play with us on the playground after we have had our lunch. We are all so excited about our new Year 6 friends. ❤️